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Response to “Dear Homeschoolers, Please Stop”

I read an article yesterday, a few hours after a discussion of varying opinions on a post in a local homeschool group took an odd turn, that left me wondering what in the world is happening in our homeschool community. The article I am referring to, “Dear Homeschoolers Please Stop”, addresses the “annoying things” that homeschoolers say and do, and tells homeschoolers to stop doing them.  The article alienates a huge part of the growing homeschool community:  Moms whose children are not of “school age”. Here is my response to a few of the 7 things that annoy The Hmmmschool…

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What About Socialization?

“What about socialization?” Ask 100 homeschoolers which question they get asked the most from people who do not homeschool and they will tell you that it is “What about socialization?”. Homeschoolers generally answer politely and begin to list off all the things their kids are involved in. Can you imagine if homeschoolers asked everyone they met who contracts out their children’s education “What about bullying?”. Homeschooling is exploding, more and more families are fleeing government schools, the reason used to be that they were not receiving an adequate education, now it because they are not receiving a safe education. Bullying…

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Wyoming’s School Districts Are Unaccountable to the Taxpayers, to the WY Dept. of Ed, and to the Legislature

The faint sound of battle drums can be heard in the distance, as the majority of Wyoming’s 48 school districts test the waters to see what homeschoolers will let them get a way with.  Whether you think this applies to you or not, it does, because the Wyoming Supreme Court already ruled that, contrary to the Wyoming Constitution’s first seven words in Article 1: “All Power is Inherent in the People”, the tax payers have no legal standing against a school district. This was decided when parents of a special needs child who was severely mistreated and captured on video,…

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Dear New Homeschool Parent…

Dear new homeschool parent, Breathe. You have got this. You have walking, talking, and potty training down, if you haven’t already you will have shoe tying and two-wheel riding down too. You didn’t need a teaching degree or credentials to do any of those things, you only needed to provide an environment for your children to learn, and they did! Yes, some of our children didn’t walk or talk as soon as others, some of our children left us wondering if they would be in Velcro shoes wearing Pull-Ups on their wedding day, but eventually when the time was right…

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Homeschooling Through High School, You Can Do It!

I get asked about homeschooling through high school several times a year, so I thought it was about time to write about it. Full disclosure, we have a VERY relaxed child-led learning based homeschool. My oldest homeschooled child (I have two older step sons who went to public school most of their lives with one year each of homeschooling) is currently 17 years old, has completed four college classes through the BOCES program at our local community college.  This January she will have been at the same job for 2 years and will be staring a second job, so she…

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Why Homeschool? Because, There is No School Like Home.

There is no school like home. That could actually be the entirety of this post, but I will expand on it and explain why. First, schools tend to send home hours and hours of nonsensical homework. Parents of and children attending school outside the home spend all day a part from each other, only to have family time between school and bedtime curtailed by homework. Homeschooling allows the parent to set the “school hours”, and because homeschooling is a way of life, even non- “school hours” are full of learning opportunities. Homework is not necessary. In Wyoming, standardized testing is…

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Which Box Does Your Child Fit in? The Problem With Educational Standards

Confession: I love “Doctor Who“, almost as much as my 7 year old daughter, who is most definitely a “Whovian”. So what does “Doctor Who” have to do with education? Well, besides traveling back in time to visit historical people and witness historical events, “Doctor Who” shows us that one size doesn’t fit all. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a copyrighted set of academic standard that were adopted by nearly every state in the union. The “appeal” to the states was the grant money promised by the federal government if the state agreed to implement the CCSS, join a CCSS…

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You Have Educational Choices: Here are the Pros and Cons of Each

    What are the pros and cons of the various educational opportunities available to us? Let’s find out! Public Education Pros: -It is “Free” -Most teachers are fluent in the subject they teach -Transportation to and from school is “free”. -Your children have access to school sanction sports, activities and clubs. Cons: -“Free”- isn’t free, it is paid for with tax payer dollars… And when it comes to “free” remember, you get what you pay for…. -Common Core is mandatory and soon Next Generation Science Standards will be. Click here to learn more about Common Core and here to…

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So, You Are Thinking About Homeschooling…

Click here to see the Wyoming Homechool Laws for the 2015-2016 School Year. Homeschooling. The thought seems overwhelming and exciting, and back to overwhelming… And the negativity from family and friends who think you are insane doesn’t help the feeling of being utterly overwhelmed… Well never fear, we are here to help you! We want to be there for you when you feel like you are drowning in a sea of curriculum and style choices. We want to be there for you when you feel like your family and friends couldn’t possibly be more hurtful. There are a few things…

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