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You Have Got to Know Your Rights, Here is an Example of Why

Every American citizen should know their rights, and be able to stand up for and defend them. When you choose to live outside of the status quo, that becomes a necessity.

Most of the school districts in Wyoming have overstepped their boundaries, year, after year, insisting that new homeschool parents complete a data mining packet (that the district will use to sell any information  provided), which demands information that homeschool parents are not required by law to provide.

I have provided of a copy of the state homeschool law to the Natrona County School District #1 Homeschool liaison every year for at least the last 5 of my 13 homeschool years, and yet, she still continues to operate outside of the scope of her duties as prescribed by law.

Simply put, Natrona County School District #1 Student Support Services Program Secretary Debi Wheeler needs to be fired. Her “hide” needs to placed on the proverbial fence post as an example to all other school district employees throughout the state of Wyoming, who dare to even think about overstepping their boundaries and acting outside of the scope of their duties as prescribed by law in order to mine data from homeschoolers.

If we wanted our children and their information used as commodities, we would have them enrolled in government indoctrination camps. Parents need to stand up against these data miners and say: “BACK OFF! You do not get to use my children as capital in your data mining operation.”

Below is an e-mail that I sent  to Debi Wheeler, NCSD #1 Student Support Services Program Secretary (as well as the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow, Several Legislators, the NCSD Board of Trustees, HSLDA, and my attorney.   The documents that I provided her can be found here.


I will not be submitting my Letter of Intent (the last one for my 3rd child) this year, until I am assured, in writing, from you, that my children will not be enrolled in Infinite Campus, and if you have already done so, that they  have been removed from the “program”.  EVERY year, my Letter of Intent has a privacy clause, expressly prohibiting the use of my or my children’s personal information (ANYTHING pertaining to them as a person) and Deb, if you have enrolled my children in Infinite Campus, you will have been in violation.

It saddens and disappoints me that it has been brought to my attention that once again, by numerous Natrona County homeschoolers that you are acting outside of your scope of duties when it comes to the Letter of Intent that homeschoolers are required to provide to their local school districts each year.

Your job pertaining to homeschoolers, as prescribed by law, is record keeper. That is all. You get to keep our Letters of Intent in a file, in a drawer. That is it. Nothing more.

I have heard that you are pressuring parents to tell you their children’s birthdays so that you can enroll them in Infinite Campus. Deb, unless a parent expressly consents in written form that they want their children enrolled in Infinite Campus, you cannot enroll them.  You are not authorized by law to do this on behalf of parents without their consent.

I have also heard that you have told families who are withdrawing children not yet of compulsory age from Natrona County schools, that they need to complete and turn in a Letter of Intent to Homeschool. Deb, compulsory age in the State of Wyoming is still, despite many nefarious attempts by legislators to change it, 7 years of age to 16 years of age. If a child will not be 7 by September 15th, they do not need to be included on a Letter of Intent to Homeschool even if they were previously enrolled in Natrona County Schools.

There is one more thing you may not know about your job; you are not a law enforcement officer. It is not your job to make sure anyone is in compliance, it is your job to keep the records. I am sending you a copy of the State Law, which I feel like I have sent to you every year, and you should probably know it by now, but yet, you keep overstepping your boundaries, and clearly need a reminder.

If the law does not give you authority, you don’t have it. If the law doesn’t require it, you can’t ask. Simply put Deb, we homeschool for a reason. Mind your own business, we will raise and educate our own children, you  just get to keep the paperwork in a filing cabinet.

Attached is not only the State Law pertaining to home based education, but also the Annual Curriculum Submission/Letter of Intent to Homeschool that I submit every school year.  Additionally, at the bottom of the form, you will notice the privacy clause which I referred to above.

Please note: I have CC’d my attorney as well as Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow, in this e-mail. As I’m sure you are aware, Mrs. Balow oversees public instruction not home based instruction, however, in overseeing public instruction, she oversees the school districts.

Since you are employed by a school district she oversees, (and you are violating the rights and privacy of homeschoolers in that district, acting outside of what the law has prescribed), she, as your superior (elected to serve Wyoming parents and students), should be made aware that you do not respect the law, and have continued to act outside of the law, after repeatedly being shown the law that you continue to violate year after year.

In Liberty,

Michelle L. St.Louis-Sabrosky
Homeschool Advocate
Natrona County Homsechool Mom for 13 years

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