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It is time…

If ever there was a time for parents to pull their children out of government indoctrination centers (aka, public schools) it was 9 years ago, though the need to begin starving the beast (financially cripple the school districts) began before the federal department of education was even created.

It is time to pull your children out of government institutions.  —

The issue facing parents today is the next phase in the Marxist agenda that was ushered in despite the protest of concerned parents, who quickly backed down when their opposition was scoffed at.

Once again, parents are rising in opposition, the question is, will they once again back down, like they did when No Child Left Behind, Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards were all implemented?

Or will they actually do what is necessary to starve the beast, and save a generation of children from being used as political pawns as laid out in the Marxist playbook now that CRT (the blatantly racist “Critical Race Theory”), and masks and vaccine mandates are being pushed by Wyoming’s school districts and the socialist leaning teacher’s lobby, the Wyoming Education Association?

When will enough be enough? Your children were already literally muzzled and socially distanced… Ironic since the number one argument against homeschooling is that children need to be properly socialized… Being current on “childhood vaccines” has long been a requirement of government school enrollment, do you really think the COVID vaccine will be any different?

It is time to pull your children out of government institutions.  —

When you enroll your children in government indoctrination centers, you sign your parental rights away. Most parents simply sign the enrollment forms, without reading what they are actually agreeing to, and then wonder why the school districts do whatever they want despite parental objection.

It all comes down to money. For nearly entire decade, I have been passionately telling parents that to the school districts, and the school boards that govern them, children are nothing more than a commodity. Attendance and compliance with federal and state initiatives are pivotal to receiving more money than would otherwise be allocated by the legislature.

None of what is happening right now with mask mandates and vaccination requirements is about health or education. It is about money, control, and creating a generation of will-broken, compliant government indoctrinated foot soldiers…

…A generation that is not likely, if at all able, to resist, assuming their immune systems are not so atrophied from masks, “quarantine”, and excessive use of hand sanitizer and disinfectant allow them to live long enough to be useful as the Marxist Utopian dream comes to fruition.

It is time to pull your children out of government institutions.  —

The beast must die, and the only way to slay the beast is to starve it, the way to starve it is to pull your children out of the schools funded by governments who will not tolerate independent thought, especially thoughts that are in direct opposition to the Marxist agenda.

If you do not want your children oppressively masked, if you do not want medical procedures forced upon your children, if you do not want your children’s hearts and minds molded in such a way that they embrace Marxist ideals, and learn to never question authority, the time to act is now.

Starve the beast. The schools receive funding based on enrollment and attendance. If you want to fight back, you have to hit them where it hurts, and that is the pocketbook.

You have options, and can read about those here. You can find the letter of withdrawal (from Wyoming schools) here, and the Annual Letter of Intent/Curriculum Submission form (for homeschooling in Wyoming) here.  Make sure when you withdraw your children from Wyoming government schools, you do so with the privacy protecting documents provided on wyhomeschool.com. The DATA MINING documents provided by the schools are no more legally binding than the ones on this site.

**If you are worried about time and money? I have had people step up and offer to help with childcare and tutoring. **

You can rise up and take on the school district at school board meetings but do so understanding that they will always make decisions based on the will of the highest bidder. Until enough parents remove their children from government schools, the state and federal governments dictate what happens, because they control the funding. The bottom line is: Parents have the control when it comes to enrollment, because funding is directly tied to enrollment.

It is time to pull your children out of government institutions. 

If you are interested in homeschooling instead of private school, there are articles on wyhomeschool.com that can help you. Keep in mind that there are private schools that have scholarship options for lower income families. Feel free to contact me on the No School Like Home Facebook page if you are need any help with this process, or will need help as you embark on the homeschooling  journey.

The time is now. There is not a minute to loose.

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