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Learning Differences Are NOT Disabilities

Learning differences should be freeing for children, opening a world of opportunities to children who think and learn differently. Sadly, that just isn’t the case in most classrooms, whether it is a government classroom, or a private school classroom.

In government schools, the class sizes are just too large for necessary one on one with students who learn differently than the rest of the class… these children simply do not fit into the box that the government schools are designed to keep them in. –More on that later–.

Instead children with learning differences are told that they have a learning disability and are placed in remedial classrooms, where their creativity, inquisitive nature, and intellect and are stifled.

Learning differences like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia are NOT disabilities. The brains of these children are physically different, they are not wired the same way as children without these differences. We have got to quit calling them learning disabilities when they aren’t. These children are often times the brightest students in a class, but are treated as though they are the lowest common denominator…

And when funding is tied to test scores, those learning differences can stand in the way, which is why they will be placed in a remedial class, where there are exceptions for low test scores. The low test scores are not because the child doesn’t understand the material, it is because they cannot physically get through the material in the allowed time.

A dyslexic cannot read as fast as the rest of the class, their brains are not wired to process written language, those connections literally must be built, and it is not a fast process. Most dyslexics must break each word into syllables before sounding them out…

And then there are words that break all the rules, and sight words… Can you imagine trying to take a timed test sounding out paragraphs that include five syllable words when you must dissect each word? Why would any put a child through that much stress?

All that does is hinder the love of learning and possibly prevent a love of reading when the child figures out short cuts (usually in the teenage years) on how to make the process a little faster.

There are similar hang ups for those with dysgraphia, those who struggle to even hold a pencil correctly, write by hand, and spell, as well as dyscalculia, which is to math what dyslexia is to reading.

If your child is struggling in these areas, homeschooling really is the best option. There are online programs that are helpful, like Lexercise. Some places may have great in person therapies that can help. Do your research, but do not all your child to struggle anymore, do not allow your child to feel stupid because things that come so easy to other children are an agonizing struggle for them.

And above all, do not, do not, do not, put any of your children in the status quo box. All children are geniuses, they are just geniuses in their own ways, and that is why you need to homeschool whether your children have learning differences or not. Your children are better than the status quo, and they deserve better than the status quo.

If you are not homeschooling already, you need to. There are ways to make it work, you must be willing to do what it takes to make sure your children can be intellectually free. Each child was designed, and hand crafted by our Creator for a specific purpose, why would we expect them to learn and think the same way. What a boring world that would be.

There is nothing like watching your children learn and grow before your eyes… Homeschooling allows you to watch your child learn things quickly, maybe struggle a bit and then overcome, it allows them to follow their passions and interests, and you can cater each child’s education to fit each child’s individual needs, abilities,  learning styles, and interests.

This summer, learn more about homeschooling, wyhomeschool.com has articles, podcasts, blog posts, resources, the documents you need to homeschool in Wyoming (joining local homeschool groups on Facebook is a great way to get the info you need for the state you live in), to help get you started, by I am no means the end all be all when it comes to homeschooling.

There are different methods, styles, and techniques, each homeschool can be as different as each child in each homeschool.

You can homeschool, because no one loves your child like you do, and there is no school like home.

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